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Results Pidcock Invitation trial No 5 21st August

Pidcock League 2021

Photos By Scott

With the Covid Roadmap now issued and motorsport allowed after the 29th March, we will be looking to run our 2021 Pidcock Invitation Trials Series on the following Saturdays, 17th April, 15th May, 12th June, 17th July and 21st August, all starting at the new time of 4pm. The April and May trials will still be No Spectators allowed but hopefully the remainder will see spectators returning!!Covid rules and on line invitation/entry will continue as necessary. Riders having entered the last cancelled January trial and therefore having credits will be offered a priority ride in the April trial. Invitations etc will commence in the last week of March. Welcome back, take care.

Feedback: The club would appreciate any positive or negative feedback from those attending today‚Äôs trial so that it can be considered for improving future events. Email: btuxford@btinternet.com 

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Billy Craig 2019 Pidcock Expert Champion and Steve Hitchcock 2019 Pidcock Twinshock Champion